Arrow 600 EO/IR Gimbal

The Arrow 600 Low-SWaP HD gimbal enables small UAS platform missions previously unachievable, effectively merging advanced sensor technologies and cutting-edge on-board image processing capabilities with highly stable LOS

Razor UAV Test System

Adsys Controls’ Razor UAV Test System is a UAV hardware-in the-loop test environment including a real-time 6-DOF vehicle simulation, vehicle systems simulator, synthetic visualization system, and operator/analysis station.

FireFly Autopilot

Low SWaP Flight Computer for small UAVs.


Laser Aided Recovery System (LARS)

LARS is a precision 3-D day-night, all-weather navigation system operable in GPS-denied environments. The system allows for precision ship-relative navigation, as well as mission execution operable at ranges up to 80 km. A low-SWaP airborne element allows the system to be implemented on long-range high altitude platforms down to Class I small UAVs.

SATS2 Aerial Surveillance

The SATS2 system is designed to fill critical gaps in aerial surveillance. Blending cutting-edge optical and acoustic sensing technologies, SATS2 bridges the gap between RADAR and LIDAR to deliver fast and accurate detection of a variety of difficult low observable targets.