Laser Aided Recovery System (LARS) allows for operational range capability up to 100 kilometers and is day/night, all-weather compatible in the most challenging, visually degraded environments. The system is completely RF independent allowing use on LPI/LPD/EMCON missions within GPS-denied environments.
  • Day/night and all-weather operation
  • 3D precision navigation signals supports multiple aircraft concurrently
  • Extremely low SWaP airborne element (~15 in3, <1 lb, ~5W)
  • Incorporates motion compensation for moving platforms supporting precision ship-relative navigation in high sea states
  • Operational range capability up to 100 km in nominal environmental conditions
  • Simplifies and expands UAS operations while reducing operational costs

LARS Reference Station (LRS)

  • Eye-safe lasers » On-the-fly reconfigurable
  • Inherently LPI/LPD
  • Flexible emplacement: Ground-based, Ship-based, or Air-based
  • Simplified integration / Low SWaP

LARS Navigation Unit (LNU)

  • Weatherproof, rugged design has no moving parts
  • Can interface directly with aircraft flight control computer
  • Extremely low SWaP (~15 in³, < 1 lb, ~5W)
  • Small size allows simple, flexible installation
  • Suitable for broad range of platforms
  • Fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft
  • Manned or Unmanned


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