IRVINE, CA, February 03, 2020 – Adsys Controls, Inc. has delivered their XSight 1721 next generation video processor to its first customers. The XSight 1721 provides advanced video processing solutions for applications that require reduced Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP). In a form-factor the size of a business card, it provides a multitude of video processing features including target tracking, object detection, object classification, digital stabilization, video encoding, and video translation on up to four simultaneous video streams. The XSight 1721 enables edge computing with significant processing power for various applications including remote sensing, robotic sensing, security surveillance and other scientific applications.

Initial customers are using the XSight 1721 within Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) detection/tracking and remote sensing systems. “XSight 1721 is an enabler for systems demanding more complex video processing and analytics. The market has been pushing for a low power and size solution and the XSight 1721 meets that need,” said Brian Goldberg, CEO of Adsys Controls.

The XSight 1721 takes advantage of Adsys Controls advanced algorithms including multi-target tracking, moving target indicators, object classification, image fusion, image stabilization, and digital zoom. XSight incorporates AI and machine learning to process raw sensor data into useful information. Other features include on-screen metadata displays and multi-video viewing.

A prime feature of the XSight 1721 is the ability to process multiple (up to 4) High-Definition video streams simultaneously. With support of 3G-SDI interfaces, XSight 1721 supports up to 4K Ultra HD video. A multitude of other video interfaces for advanced cameras are also supported. Dual H.264/H.265 encoding streams support multiple compressed video channels enabling broadcast video dissemination.

Edge computing is critical to the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, unmanned vehicles, vision systems, connected autonomous cars, and other future tech. The capabilities use a combination of perception sensors like cameras, radars, and ultrasonics to provide insight to decision makers. “The struggle has been the heavy SWaP in data fusion to process these sensors, especially with multi-camera high definition (HD) systems. XSight supports such multi-camera applications requiring real-time advanced video processing, machine learning, and video dissemination.” continues Mr. Goldberg.

The XSight 1721 is a powerful value proposition for next generation systems that are being required to perform increasingly advanced missions but process real time at the edge and save on size, weight, and power.

About Adsys Controls, Inc.

Adsys Controls provides advanced sensing, controls, and autonomy systems within government and commercial markets.  Adsys Controls’ products include ISR payloads, sense-and-avoid systems, optical communications, laser weapons, advanced video processing, optical navigation systems, flight control systems, and dynamics simulation/test/certification systems.